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Case Law Update: The Doctrine Of Estoppel In The Context Of A Lawsuit Filed Against A Homeowner’s Association By An Association Member

In Polo Golf & Country Club Homeowner’s Association, Inc. v. Rymer, 294 Ga. 489, 754 S.E.2d 42 (2014), the Supreme Court of Georgia affirmed the denial of the defendant association’s motion for summary judgment on plaintiffs Rymers complaint for property … Read More

Case Law Update: Court of Appeals Denies Defendant’s Attempt to Apportion Responsibility to Plaintiff’s Employer Finding a Lack of Causal Connection

Georgia’s case law on apportionment of fault to a non-party continues to evolve.  In Zaldivar v. Prickett, A14A0113 (Ga. Ct. App. July 16, 2014) Zaldivar and Prickett were involved in an automobile accident at an intersection, for which they each … Read More